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p ratio, apparent]]. ===== Appendage scale effect factor ===== (//β//)[-]\\ A factor taking account of the effect of scale between model and ship on the resistance of appendages. It is defined by a factor β, where:\\ <m>R_APS/{1/2 {rho_S V{2}under{S} S_... measurements were taken and scale effects on the factor making up the model and ship propulsive coefficie
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RMANCE ====== [[structured_dictionary:performance#factor_appendage_scale_effect|factor, appendage scale effect]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#factor_form|factor, form]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#factor_load|factor, load]] - [[structured_dicti
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the water surface; opposite to submergence. ===== Factor, magnification ===== The ratio of the output ampl... a certain frequency to the static response. ===== Factor, tuning ===== (//Λ//)[-]\\ Ratio of excitation f... od of a motion to period of encounter. The tuning factor in heave, pitch and roll have the symbol\\ \\ <m
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- [[structured_dictionary:performance#correlation_factor_ship-model_for_propeller_rate_of_evolution]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#correlation_factor_ship-model_for_propul-sive_or_quasi-propulsive_efficiency|correlation factor, ship-model, for propul-sive or quasi-propulsive
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red_dictionary:performance#appendage_scale_effect_factor|appendage scale effect factor]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#approach_run|approach run]] - [[str
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tructured_dictionary:performance#thrust_deduction_factor|thrust deduction factor]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#thrust_power|thrust power]] - [[structure
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|]] | [[structured_dictionary:performance&#factor_ship-model_correlation|factor ship model correlation]] | |check ref. | [[structured_dictionary:per
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E ====== [[structured_dictionary:performance#load_factor|load factor]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#load_fraction_in_power_prediction|load fraction in po
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tructured_dictionary:performance#power_prediction_factor|power prediction factor]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#power_shaft|power, shaft]] - [[structured
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concerned with propeller performance and various factor related thereto together with propeller geometry.
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