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cts of the boundaries of channel or tunnel on the flow around a body. ===== Blockage correction ===== A ... onal. See also [[structured_dictionary:resistance#flow_regime|Flow, regime]]. ===== Boundary layer thickness ===== <m>{delta}, {delta^2} or {d_1}, {theta},{th... the speed attains that in an equivalent inviscid flow. For practical purposes this is sometimes taken a
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. It is used in the engineering context of liquid flow around bodies generally and, in particular, screw... de (back) of a propeller blade. ===== Base-vented flow or bodies ===== Flow in which the body has a fully ventilated, blunt trailing edge while the body itsel... y forces in a pressure gradient. ===== Cavitating flow ===== A two-phase flow composed of a liquid and i
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[structured_dictionary:cavitation#free_streamline_flow|free streamline flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#fully_developed_cavity|fully developed cavi... ISTANCE ====== [[structured_dictionary:resistance#flow_laminar|flow, laminar]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#flow_potential|flow, potential]] - [[struc
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he propeller diameter. ===== Angle, hydrodynamic flow ===== (//β//<sub>I</sub>)[-]\\ The inflow angle ... ller, //d//<sub>h</sub>///D//. ===== Hydrodynamic flow angle ===== See: [[#angle_hydrodynamic_flow|angle, hydrodynamic flow]] ===== Hydrodynamic pitch ===== See: [[#pitch_hydrodynamic|pitch, hydrodynami
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ts x-, y- and z-axes respectively. Related to the flow over the body, the components are the drag component, D or R, in the direction of the relative flow; the lift component, L, in the principal plane of symmetry normal to the relative flow; the cross force, C, on the body normal to lift a... hydrofoil, measured at right angles to the liquid flow, to the chord c of the hydrofoil, in the directio
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=== [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#cavitating_flow|cavitating flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#cavitating_wakes|cavitating wakes]] - [[struct... nce]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#choked_flow|choked flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#choking_cavitation_number|choking cavitation number]
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fference arises because of the augmented speed of flow around the ship form as compared with along a fla... roughness element on a surface exposed to liquid flow. It is often expressed as some form of average su... ge in any force, moment or pressure coefficients, flow pattern, or the like, due to a change in absolute... == The component of the wake due to the potential flow around a body or ship, with velocity and pressure
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==== [[structured_dictionary:resistance#potential_flow|potential flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#potential_funtction_or_velocity_potential|potenti
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= [[structured_dictionary:resistance#irrotational_flow|irrotational flow]] ====== SEAKEEPING ====== [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#impact]] ====== SHIPG
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] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#ventilated_flow|ventilated flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#ventilation]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitati
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- [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#base-vented_flow_or_bodies|base-vented flow or bodies]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#bubble_collapse|bubble coll
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ionary:cavitation#superventilationsuperventilated_flow|superventilation; superventilated flow]] ====== GENERAL ====== [[structured_dictionary:general#solubil
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tructured_dictionary:propeller#angle_hydrodynamic_flow|angle, hydrodynamic flow]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#angle_of_incidence|Angle of incidence]]
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- [[structured_dictionary:propeller#hydrodynamic_flow_angle|hydrodynamic flow angle]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#hydrodynamic_pitch|hydrodynamic pit
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