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====== reference documents ====== [[|59° ITTC news - start work Wiki-dictionary]]\\ ====== reference ====== {{:2014-ittc-harmonizeddictionary_mfbj_12-8-14final.pdf|}} //v
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~~CLOUD~~ ===== ITTC Dictionary of Hydromechanics ===== **Original INTRODUCTION**\\ This Dictionary is i... given are in accordance with those in the latest ITTC symbols list which is a complementary document. I... **Comments on the new Dictionary format:**\\ The ITTC QS Group had already started a new Dictionary in ... e order in which they appear in each edition. The ITTC Dictionary of Hydromechanics will be updated by t
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ty System Group e discusso nelle notizie [[|ITTC News 59]] questo Dizionario è destinato ad un vasto pubblico tra cui, praticanti arc... o forniti in accordo con quelle nell'ultima lista ITTC che è un documento complementare. In alcuni casi,
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ystems Konzern vor und erörterten in der [[|ITTC News 59]] Dieses Wörterbuch ist für ein breites Publikum einschließlich, Üben Marine... rden im Einvernehmen mit den in der letzten Liste ITTC, die ein ergänzendes Dokument ist zur Verfügung g
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istribuzione nel mondo dei membri afferenti all' ITTC\\ Dati disponibili su sito web [[|ITTC SNAME]]\\ <html> <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <style> #map_canvas { width: 550px; height: 400... d> <body onload="initialize();"> <div> <label><b>ITTC Area</b></label> <select id="searchString" onchan
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d on initiative of QSG discussed in last [[|ITTC News 59]]; this Dictionary is intended for a broad readership including practising n... given are in accordance with those in the latest ITTC list which is complementary document.\\ In a numb
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اء على مبادرة من QSG مناقشتها في الأخبار [[|ITTC News 59]] ويقصد هذا القاموس للقراء واسع بما في ذلك المهندسين المعماريين البحرية المم... وارد. الرموز المعطاة هي وفقا لتلك القائمة في أحدث ITTC التي هي وثيقة مكملة. في عدد من الحالات، ويعطي قائ
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de Sistemas de Calidad y discutido en el [[|ITTC News 59]] este diccionario está dirigido a un amplio público, la práctica de los arq
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itiative de QSG discuté dans la dernière [[|ITTC News 59]] cette Dictionnaire est destiné à un large public y compris la pratique des
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Geolocalized ITTC members.\\ <html> <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <style> #map_canvas { width: 550px; height: ... d> <body onload="initialize();"> <div> <label><b>ITTC Area</b></label> <select id="searchString" onchan... tyle="margin-top: 10px;"> <label><b>nome membro ITTC</b> contiene</label> <input type="text" id="sea
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r of the propeller disk.\\ {{:propeller:b5_80_08_ittc_2d_01.png?500|}} \\ D=2//R// ===== Propeller disk... h the tips of the blades\\ {{:propeller:b5_80_08_ittc_2d_01.png?500|}} ===== Propeller plane ===== The
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al:index|]]\\ ---- [[wiki:syntax|wiki syntax]]\\ [[trysyntax:trysyntax|]] ---- [[|ITTC]]
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ymbols and other, in the meantime elapses between ITTC's conference. Put a news at the specific alphabet
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art|منزل]]\\ [[wiki:dokuwiki|]]\\ ---- [[:ittcmap|ITTC خريطة]]\\ [[:document|الوثائق المرجعية]]\\ [[:tod
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