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ined as the process of formation of the vapour of liquid when it is subjected to reduced pressure at const... erature. It is used in the engineering context of liquid flow around bodies generally and, in particular, ... s content is composed of components of air in the liquid. ===== Air content ratio ===== See: [[structured_... itating flow ===== A two-phase flow composed of a liquid and its vapour is called a //cavitating flow// wh
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mic, in which the motion of body or the flow of a liquid changes with time, with reference to an assumed set of axes.\\ ===== LIQUID PROPERTIES AND PHYSICAL CONSTANTS ===== Under thi... initions or descriptions are given of a number of liquid properties and physical constants concerned of sh... a molecular force exist between the surface of a liquid and a solid. The surface of the liquid may thereb
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ponent of the total hydrodynamic force exerted by liquid on a body, acting perpendicular to the plane of s... == Overshoot ===== A state of motion of a body or liquid in which, following a disturbance of the equilibrium conditions, the body or liquid returns toward equilibrium and passes beyond it, ... n of a hydrofoil, measured at right angles to the liquid flow, to the chord c of the hydrofoil, in the dir
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. ===== Flow, laminar ===== The flow of a viscous liquid in which layers of laminae of fluid appear to sli... o</m>\\ See also [[structured_dictionary:general#liquid_properties_and_physical_constants|Liquid Properties and Physical Constants]]. ===== Wave, angle of diverg
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ht of a roughness element on a surface exposed to liquid flow. It is often expressed as some form of avera... ral Section under [[structured_dictionary:general#liquid_properties_and_physical_constants|Liquid Properties and Physical Constants]] ===== Wavy surface ===== See
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ictionary:cavitation#Gas_content_of_the_saturated_liquid|gas content of the saturated liquid]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#gas_content_ratio|gas content
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== GENERAL ====== [[structured_dictionary:general#liquid_properties_and_physical_constants|liquid properties and physical constants]] ====== MANOEUVRABILITY ====
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ort, measured normal to the direction of relative liquid motion. ===== Keel ===== The term is used, alone
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ship, or any part thereof, with the surface of a liquid. ===== Leeway ===== The down wind or down sea mot
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.2 Failure Modes for Complex Systems === ==== 1.4 LIQUID PROPERTIES AND PHYSICAL CONSTANTS ==== ===== 2 VE
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.2 Failure Modes for Complex Systems === ==== 1.4 LIQUID PROPERTIES AND PHYSICAL CONSTANTS ==== ===== 2 VE
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