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and the sea states which cause them. ===== Added mass ===== [M]\\ The total hydrodynamic force, per uni... and proportional to the acceleration. ===== Added mass coefficient ===== (//A//<sub>ij</sub>)[-]\\ A non-dimensional coefficient expressing [[#added_mass|added mass]] in i<sup>th</sup> mode due to j<sup>th</sup> motion. ===== Amplitude ===== Extreme value o
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us of elasticity, volume or bulk//) ==== Density, mass ==== (//ρ//) [L<sup>-3</sup>] M]\\ The mass per unit volume of a substance. ((*)) ==== Density, weight... g change of volume per unit volume. ==== Relative mass or weight ==== (//γ//) [-]\\ The ratio of densit... up>-1</sup>]\\ The volume of a substance per unit mass; the reciprocal of mass density (See: Density , m
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vring]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#mass_added|mass, added]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#mass_added_coefficient|mass, added, coefficient]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#moment_turning|m
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up>3</sup>//D//<sup>5</sup>\\ where //ρ// is the mass density of the fluid, //n// is the rate of the pr... o_P n^2 D^5</m>\\ where //ρ//<sub>P</sub> is the mass density of the propeller blade material, //n// is... </sub>/(<m>rho n^2 D^5</m>)\\ where //ρ// is the mass density of the fluid, //n// is the rate of propel... =//T///(<m>rho n^2 D^4</m>)\\ where //ρ// is the mass density of the fluid, //n// is the rate of propel
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G ====== [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#added_mass|added mass]] - [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#added_mass_coefficient|added mass coefficient]] - [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#amplitude|amplitude]] - [[str
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ion ===== A cavitated region formed entirely of a mass of transient cavities so as to resemble foam (for... Rectified diffusion ===== Term applied to the net mass transport into a bubble of gas dissolved in a sat
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L ====== [[structured_dictionary:general#relative_mass_or_weight|relative mass or weight]] ====== MANOEUVRABILITY ====== [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrabil
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EEPING ====== [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#virtual_mass|virtual mass]] ====== SHIPGEOMETRY ======
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circling, zigzagging, dodging and the like. ===== Mass, added ===== See: [[seakeeping|Seakeeping Section]] ===== Mass, added, coefficient ===== See: [[seakeeping|Seake
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io of the coefficient of dynamic viscosity to the mass density of the fluid: <m>nu = mu/rho</m>\\ See a
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