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==== See: [[#internal-jets|Internal jets]]. ===== Non-stationary cavities ===== Free-streamline (cavita... dy entering a water surface are characteristic of non-stationary cavities. ===== Nucleation ===== The p... hull. ===== Protective coating ===== Metallic and non-metallic materials applied to reduce surface dama... he re-entrant flow associated with the closure of non stationary cavities formed about missiles enterin
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perpendicular projected on to the centerplane. In non dimensional form: * Taylor sectional area coeff... {KB}</m>) the //Vertical centre of buoyancy//. In non dimensional form these distances are often expres... 19.png|}} ===== Stern, contra type ===== A curved non-symmetrical form of stern, or skeg ending just a ... r bossing, and rudder. It is usually expressed in non dimensional form viz: - Wetted surface coeffici
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ini di ingegneria, fisica e nautica di uso comune non sono state incluse quando non richiesto dalla definizione speciale nel contesto dell'idrodinamica nava... no che una netta preferenza è indicata. Ultimo ma non meno importante: non dimenticate di leggere la [[:todo|to do list]] per avviare i vostri contributi e
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ss coefficient ===== (//A//<sub>ij</sub>)[-]\\ A non-dimensional coefficient expressing [[#added_mass|... The continuous ship-hull vibration induced by the non-impulsive hydrodynamic forces acting on the ship ... se function]]. ===== Transient ===== Irregular or non-harmonic, such as the free vibration of a damped
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knots. ===== Advance ratio ===== (//λ//)[-]\\ A non dimensional speed parameter relating the speed of... of an airfoil or wing. \\<note important> figura non presente nella versione 2011 </note> \\{{:propell... the generator line and blade reference line when non linear distribution of rake and skew angle are us
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ITATION ====== [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#non-stationary_cavities|non-stationary cavities]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#nucleus_nuclei|Nucl
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g coefficient ===== (//C//<sub>D</sub>)[-]\\ The non-dimensional ratio of the drag per unit of a repre... b>, C<sub>V</sub>, C<sub>W</sub>, etc.)[-]\\ The non dimensional ratio of any specific component of re
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iysis === == System Dynamics == === 1.2.2 Non-Deterministic Analiysis === == Random and
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iysis === == System Dynamics == === 1.2.2 Non-Deterministic Analiysis === == Random and
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ounded that is remain within a certain prescribed non-infinite value or not diverge beyond a certain va
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