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xis (spindle axis). ===== Blade section reference point ===== See: [[#reference_point_blade_section|Reference point, blade section]] ===== Blade thickness fraction ===== [-]\\ If the maximu... ce line each intersect the shaft axis at the same point when extended thereto. Because of ambiguities whi
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4</sup>T<sup>-1</sup>) and of axis x located in a point A generates at any point P a velocity potential:\\ <m>phi = - M / {4pi r^2} {partial r}/{partial x}= - ... rotational motion of a fluid, the velocity at any point may be derived from a single function φ such that... >]\\ The total pressure measured at a stagnation point. ===== Pressure, static ===== (p) [L<sup>-1</sup>
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essive crests of a train of waves meeting a fixed point of a ship, at a fixed angle of encounter, //μ//; ... == The vertical oscillatory motion of a specified point in a vessel, usually the centre of gravity. Altho... ===== The difference between actual pressure at a point under a wave profile and the static pressure corr... he longitudinal oscillatory motion of a specified point in a ship, usually the centre of gravity (or orig
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d as the height above the baseplane of the lowest point of a deck where it joins the side of ship. ===== ... l distance above the baseline of the intersection point of the prolongation of the flat of the bottom at ... eference deck (Freeboard deck) or other reference point. In certain governmental load line rules, a minim... designed load waterline of a ship through a fixed point as stated by classification rules: specially: *
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vitating region, extending from its leading edge (point of attachment) to the point of closure. ===== Cavity pressure ===== (//p//<sub>C</sub>) [LMT<sup>-1</sup... avitation number. The pressure coefficient at any point on the body is independent of the cavitation numb... ctively originates and disappears from a discrete point on a solid surface. ===== Internal jets ===== Jet
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symmetry. ===== Centre of lateral force ===== The point in the plane of symmetry through which the result... The transverse oscillatory motion of a specified point in the ship, usually the centre of gravity. =====... stern fin torque Q<sub>FS</sub>, etc. ===== Tow point ===== The point at which the towing force is ap-plied on a ship which is towing or on a craft which is b
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e]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#tow_point|tow point]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#track]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#... ionary:performance#towing_force_for_model_at_ship-point_of_self_propulsion|towing force, for model at ship-point of self propulsion]] - [[structured_dictionary:pe
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r]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#reference_point_blade_section|reference point, blade section]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#right_handed_propelle
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l resistance of the model and to achieve the ship point of self-propulsion. ===== Form effect ===== The d... , thrust]]. ===== Towing force, for model at ship-point of self propulsion ===== See: Force, model towing
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onary:performance&#towing_force_for_model_at_ship-point_of_self_propulsion|towing force for model...]]| |
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