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ed essentially with performance in the context of power required to propel a ship at a given speed and va... lacement, //V// speed and //P// any corresponding power. ===== Advance, speed of ===== See: [[#speed_of_a... action|Resistance augment fraction]]. ===== Brake power ===== See: [[#power_brake|Power, brake]]. ===== Coefficient, Admiralty ===== See: [[#admiralty_coefficie
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= (//η//<sub>M</sub>)[-]\\ The ratio between the power output and the power input of any machinery installation.\\ <m>eta_M=P_S/P_I</m>\\ or\\ <m>eta_M=P_B/... spectively and //P//<sub>I</sub> is the indicated power (which see). ===== Efficiency, propeller, behind ... = (//η//<sub>B</sub>)[-]\\ The ratio between the power //P//<sub>T</sub>, developed by the thrust of the
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tial wake]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#power_brake|power, brake]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#power_delivered|power, delivered]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#power_effective|power, effective]] -
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or]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#thrust_power|thrust power]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#towing_force_for_model_at_ship-point_of_self_propul... ent]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#taylors_power_coefficient|Taylor’s power coefficient]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thickness_maximum|thickness
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e of a shock. (See: [[#slamming|Slamming]]) ===== Power in waves, mean increase in ===== (//P//<sub>AW</s... p>2</sup>MT<sup>-3</sup>]\\ The mean increase in power in wind and waves as compared with the water at t... ant. Usually speed loss is determined at constant power (turbine plant) or constant torque (diesel plant)
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=== [[structured_dictionary:performance#effective_power|effective power]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#effective_wake_fraction|effective wake fraction]
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=== [[structured_dictionary:performance#delivered_power|delivered power]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propeller#developed-area|developed ar
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ect]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#shaft_power|shaft power]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#shafting_efficiency|shafting efficiency]] - [[struct
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=== [[structured_dictionary:performance#indicated_power|indicated power]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propeller#ideal_angle_of_attack|ideal
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====== [[structured_dictionary:performance#brake_power|brake_power]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propeller#back_of_blade|back (of blade)]]
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tructured_dictionary:performance#load_fraction_in_power_prediction|load fraction in power prediction]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propelle
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formance|Performance (in the context of speed and power)]]\\ The order of entry for each item is: title,
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no weight loss. ===== Intensity damage ===== The power absorbed per unit eroded area of a specimen under
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doku>manual|DokuWiki Manual]] to unleash the full power of DokuWiki. ===== Download ===== DokuWiki is a
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