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vapour of liquid when it is subjected to reduced pressure at constant ambient temperature. It is used in th... sient cavitation bubble that enters an increasing pressure field collapses and, unless containing considerab... bubble in which a nucleus become unstable under a pressure reduction and grows explosively ([[#vaporous_cavi... luid) or distortions produced by body forces in a pressure gradient. ===== Cavitating flow ===== A two-phase
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of a representative area of a body to the dynamic pressure far ahead of the body. ===== Dynamic pressure ===== See [[structured_dictionary:resistance#pressure_dynamic|Pressure, dynamic]]. ===== Equipotential line ===== A line in a potential flow field along which th
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potential]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#pressure_dynamic|pressure, dynamic]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#pressure_stagnation|pressure, stagnation]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#pressure_static|pressure, static]] -
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the suction side of the blade because the average pressure there is lower then the pressure on the face of the blade during normal ahead operation. This side of the b... tion. This side of the blade is also known as the pressure side because the average pressure on the face of the blade is higher than the average pressure on the back
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gth]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#cavity_pressure|cavity pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#cavity_thickness|cavity thickness]] - [[structured_d... r]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#collapse_pressure|collapse pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#critical_cavitation_number|critical cavitation nu
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r body to the force corresponding to the dy-namic pressure times a specified area. It is customary to expres... ween the drag D of a ship or body and the dynamic pressure times a specified area. It is customary to expres... rce L developed by a ship or body and the dynamic pressure times a specified area. It is customary to expres... airplane wing; both function by building up large pressure differentials on the fixed parts of the ship or a
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form as compared with along a flat plate and the pressure resistance of viscous origin. See also: [[#form_f... e, either steam or diesel, as determined from the pressure measured by an indicator or similar device. =====... /sub>, and the force corresponding to the dynamic pressure times a specified area. It is customy texsed it a... e effect ===== The change in any force, moment or pressure coefficients, flow pattern, or the like, due to a
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ared with the water at the same mean speed. ===== Pressure, impact ===== A local pressure experienced by a hull when subjected to impact with the water. Usually assoc... Smith effect ===== The difference between actual pressure at a point under a wave profile and the static pressure corresponding to the actual distance below the surf
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] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#resistance_pressure|resistance, pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#resistance_residuary|resistance, residuary]] - ... ructured_dictionary:resistance#resistance_viscous_pressure|resistance, viscous pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#resistance_wave_pattern|resistance, wav
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g as if it were a film under tension. ==== Vapour pressure ==== The pressure of vapour in equilibrium with its liquid state. It is also called the saturated vapour pressure or vapour tension, which for a given substance de
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RAL ====== [[structured_dictionary:general#vapour_pressure|vapour pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:general#viscosity_coefficient_of_dynamic|viscosity, coefficient
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]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#inception_pressure|inception pressure]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#inception_velocity|inception velocity]] - [[struc
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nt]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#dynamic_pressure|dynamic pressure]] ====== SEAKEEPING ====== [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#damping]] - [[structured_di
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speed increases, under the effect of the dynamic pressure which develops on the bottom, undergo a remarkabl
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