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{{ :proposal:proposalwiki.gif|}}====== Proposals ====== Here you can announce, develop, correct, improve, ab... specific alphabetic section under "booklet". - [[proposal:dictionary:|Dictionary]]\\ - [[proposal:symbol:|Symbol List]]
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====== Proposal for Dictionary ====== add here your contribute for Dictionary proposal:\\ [[a]] - [[b]] - [[c]] -.....[[p]] - [[z]]
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librium positions as the speed increases.\\ \\ {{:proposal:dictionary:speed_en.png?700|}}\\ \\ At first the ... n value of the speed, called the Hump Speed.\\ {{:proposal:dictionary:planing_resistance_and_trim_01.png?700
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====== Proposal for Symbol ====== add here your contribute for Symbol List proposal:\\ [[a]] - [[b]] - [[c]] - .... - [[z]]
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o|Sie die Liste]] auf Ihre Beiträge zu starten und nehmen Kenntnis von den [[proposal:index|]] Abschnitt tun
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document|الوثائق المرجعية]]\\ [[:todo|إلى القيام قائمة]]\\ [[proposal:index|مقترحات]] ---- [[:contact|اتصل]]
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ng the different equilibrium positions as the speed increases.\\ {{:proposal:dictionary:speed_en.png?700 |}}
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[:todo|liste à faire]] pour commencer vos contributions et de prendre note de la section [[proposal:index|]]
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re la [[:todo|to do list]] per avviare i vostri contributi e prendere nota della sezione [[proposal:index|]]
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---- [[ittcmap|]]\\ [[document|]]\\ [[todo|]]\\ [[proposal:index|]]\\ ---- [[wiki:syntax|wiki syntax]]\\ [[t
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- [[:ittcmap|]]\\ [[:document|]]\\ [[:todo|]]\\ [[proposal:index|]]\\ ---- [[wiki:syntax|wiki syntax]]\\ [[t
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- [[:ittcmap|]]\\ [[:document|]]\\ [[:todo|]]\\ [[proposal:index|]]\\ ---- [[wiki:syntax|wiki syntax]]\\ [[t
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to read the [[todo|to do list]] to start your contributions and take note of the [[proposal:index|]] section
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