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> is the speed of advance in knots. ===== Advance ratio ===== (//λ//)[-]\\ A non dimensional speed param... 9.png|}}\\ //Propeller blade// ===== Blade area ratio ===== [-]\\ A term used to denote the ratio of either the developed or expanded area of the blades to the disc area. The terms expanded area ratio or developed area ratio are recommended in order
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ed to the direction of relative wind. =====Aspect ratio ===== See: [[manoeuvrability#aspect_ratio|aspect ratio]] (Manoeuvrability Section) ===== Baseline ===== The intersection of the baseplane with the... ub>) [L] mean breadth over chines; defined as the ratio between planing bottom area and projected chine l
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dered|rudder angle ordered]]. ===== Apparent slip ratio ===== See: [[#slip_ratio_apparent|Slip ratio, apparent]]. ===== Appendage scale effect factor ===== (//β//)[-]\\ A factor taking... = Efficiency, gearing ===== (<m>eta_G</m>)[-] The ratio of the power output to the power input of a set o
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duces the motion. ===== Damping coefficient ===== Ratio of damping force or moment amplitude as a functio... ubmergence. ===== Factor, magnification ===== The ratio of the output amplitude at a certain frequency to... esponse. ===== Factor, tuning ===== (//Λ//)[-]\\ Ratio of excitation frequency to natural frequency or ratio of natural period of a motion to period of encount
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HLE</sub>, //A//<sub>HLR</sub>, ect. ===== Aspect Ratio ===== See: [[manoeuvrability#ratio_aspect|ratio, aspect]] ===== Centre of lateral area ===== The centre of the lateral area of the immersed... sub>AL</sub>, formerly //C//<sub>LA</sub>)[-] The ratio of the lateral area of the bare hull of a ship to
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- [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#air_content_ratio|air content ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#attached_cavities|attached cavities]] ====== GE... - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#aspect_ratio|Aspect Ratio]] ====== PERFORMANCE ====== [[structured_dictionary:performance#admiral_coefficient|adm
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TY ====== [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#ratio_aspect|ratio, Aspect]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#roll_angle|roll angle]] - [[structured_... tured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#rudder_thickness_ratio|rudder, thickness ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#rudder_types|rudder types]] ====== P
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omponents of air in the liquid. ===== Air content ratio ===== See: [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#gas_content_ratio|Gas content ratio]]. ===== Attached cavities ===== Term applied to cavitation region with fairly well de... Cavitation number ===== <m>(sigma)</m>[-]\\ The ratio of the difference between absolute ambient pressu
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ater]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#slip_ratio_apparent|slip ratio, apparent]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#slip_ratio_real|slip ratio, real]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#smooth_surface|smooth surface]] - [[struct
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ften applies in English-speaking countries to the ratio between some quantity to be defined and a standar... ”. Here the specific gravity is the dimensionless ratio of weight of unit volume of the designated substa... = (//E//) [L<sup>-1</sup> M T<sup>-2</sup>]\\ The ratio of the stress, or force per unit area, to the cor... = Relative mass or weight ==== (//γ//) [-]\\ The ratio of density of any substance to the density of fre
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=== (//C//<sub>D</sub>)[-]\\ The non-dimensional ratio of the drag per unit of a representative area of ... >, C<sub>W</sub>, etc.)[-]\\ The non dimensional ratio of any specific component of resistance per unit ... the resistance of a fluid to internal shear; the ratio of tangential stress to rate of shear deformation... m>(nu)</m> [L<sup>-1</sup>MT<sup>-1</sup>]\\ The ratio of the coefficient of dynamic viscosity to the ma
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m]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thickness_ratio|thickness ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thrust]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thrus
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]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#blade_area_ratio|blade area ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#blade_section|blade section]] - [[structured_dict
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