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rdinate|Axes, co-ordinate]]) ===== Angle, control surface ===== See: [[manoeuvrability#control_surface_angle|Control surface angle]]. ===== Angle, downwash or sidewash ===== See: [[manoeuvrability#downwash_or_... ed_approach|Speed, approach]] ===== Area, control surface ===== See: [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrabilit
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uid density, //V// the speed and //S// the wetted surface. ===== Approach run ===== See: [[#run_approach|Ru... ntours of the seabed. ===== Current, wind ===== A surface or near-surface current in a body of water induced by wind. ===== Delivered power ===== See: [[#power_deli... ll|Efficiency, hull]]. ===== Hydraulically smooth surface ===== See: [[#surface_smooth|Surface, smooth]]. =
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cycles have sometimes been observed. ===== Bubble surface stability ===== The stability of the bubble surface. Expanding bubbles are stable. Collapsing bubbles are ... fference between the angle of attack of a lifting surface for initiation or fully developed cavitation duri... s and disappears from a discrete point on a solid surface. ===== Internal jets ===== Jets sometimes formed
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generally results in a discontinuity in the fair surface of the main hull. Examples of appendages are: rud... //(T)// [L] The vertical distance, from the water surface to the bottom, of the underwater body of a ship. ... which the ship has its keel parallel to the water surface. For vessels in which the keel is not straight or normally parallel to the water surface its use is not recommended: “zero trim” or “level
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y the bow) of an oscillating ship above the water surface; opposite to submergence. ===== Factor, magnifica... ct of body or ship, or any part thereof, with the surface of a liquid. ===== Leeway ===== The down wind or ... == Described broadly as impacting between a water surface and the side or bottom of a hull. Pounding can pe... ribed broadly as severe impacting between a water surface and the side or bottom of a hull where the impact
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nce]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#spongy_surface_appearence|spongy surface appearance]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#spot_cavitation|spot cavitatio... cific gravity]] - [[structured_dictionary:general#surface_tension|surface tension]] ====== MANOEUVRABILITY ====== [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#sideslip]
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</sub>)[L<sup>2</sup>]\\ An approximation to the surface area of the propeller equal to the area enclosed ... </sub>)[L<sup>2</sup>]\\ An approximation to the surface area of the propeller equal to the area enclosed ... . This side of the blade corresponds to the upper surface of an airfoil or wing. \\<note important> figura ... of the propeller tip circle to the at-rest water surface when the tips are exposed. ===== Expanded area ==
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er thickness (δ995): The dis-tance normal to the surface of a body at which the speed attains that in an e... /sup>, δ<sub>1</sub>: the dis-tance normal to the surface of a body by which streamlines outside the bounda... he detachment of the main fluid flow from a solid surface due to an adverse longitudinal pressure gradient ... n change of the direction or the curvature of the surface. The fluid in the separated flow contains eddies,
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ing, turning, and diving manoeuvres. ==== Control surface ==== The rudders, hydroplanes, and other hinged o... s.\\ ==== Capillarity (phenomenon) ==== A form of surface tension, by which a molecular force exist between the surface of a liquid and a solid. The surface of the liquid may thereby be elevated or depressed. ==== Capillarity
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ntrol]] - [[structured_dictionary:general#control_surface|control surface]] - [[structured_dictionary:general#controllability]] - [[structured_dictionary:general#co... - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#control_surface|control surfaces]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#control_surface_angle|control surface angle]] - [[structured_dict
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ructured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#angle_control_surface|angle, control surface]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#angle_downwash_or_sidewash|angle, donw... tructured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#area_control_surface|area, control surface]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#area_lateral_of_the_hull|area, lateral o
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lity#torque_or_moment_hinge_or_stock_of_a_control_surface|torque or moment, hinge or stock, of a control surface]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#tow_poi
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nd]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#bubble_surface_stability|bubble surface stability]] ====== GENERAL ====== ====== MANOEUVRABILITY ====== ====== PERFORMANC
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- [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#orange_peel_surface_appearance|orange peel surface appearance]] ====== GENERAL ====== ====== MANOEUVRABILITY ====== [[structu
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