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tion|Reference point, blade section]] ===== Blade thickness fraction ===== [-]\\ If the maximum thickness of the propeller blade varies linearly with radius, then this variation of thickness may be imagined to extend to the axis of rotation. The hypothetical thickness at the axis of rotation, //t//<sub>0</sub>, divid
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#flow_regime|Flow, regime]]. ===== Boundary layer thickness ===== <m>{delta}, {delta^2} or {d_1}, {theta},{th... ungere delta elevato **</note> * Boundary layer thickness (δ995): The dis-tance normal to the surface of a... peed or 99.5% of the total head. * Displacement thickness (δ<sup>*</sup>, δ<sub>1</sub>: the dis-tance norm... U = velocity in the boundary layer. * Momentum thickness (//θ//): A parameter such that the quantity <m>ph
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coefficient]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thickness_maximum|thickness, maximum]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thickness_ratio|thickness ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thrust]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#thr
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ction]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#blade_thickness_fraction|blade thickness fraction]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#bollard_pull|bollard pull]] - [[stru... [[structured_dictionary:resistance#boundary_layer_thickness|boundary layer thickness]] - ====== SEAKEEPING ====== [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#bilge_keel|Bilge ke
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lso transmits the operating torque. ===== Rudder, thickness ratio ===== The ratio of the maximum thickness of any horizontal section of a rudder to the corresponding ch... of large lateral area compared to its transverse thickness, is usually fitted in a vertical plane, and is in
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[[structured_dictionary:resistance#boundary_layer_thickness|boundary layer thickness]] double issue| | missing midship symbol| [[structured_dictionary:shipgeometry|]] |
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- [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#rudder_thickness_ratio|rudder, thickness ratio]] - [[structured_dictionary:manoeuvrability#rudder_types|rudder types]] ======
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ure]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#cavity_thickness|cavity thickness]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#chemo-luminescenze|chemo-luminescence]] - [[structur
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of large lateral area compared to its transverse thickness, is provided for the support of a propeller shaft
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fused and entrained into the cavity. ===== Cavity thickness ===== <m>(δ_C)</m>[L]\\ Maximum dimension of a f
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