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termined by the rotative speed, //ωr//, the axial velocity of the fluid, //V//<sub>X</sub>, and the tangential velocity of the fluid //V//<sub>θ</sub>, according to the ... e plane containing the lift vector and the inflow velocity vector, between the velocity vector representing the relative motion between a body and a fluid and a chara
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where, due to viscosity, transverse gradients of velocity are large as compared with longitudinal variation... }/U_delta)dy}</m>\\ where //U<sub>δ</sub>// = the velocity at the edge of the boundary layer and U = velocity in the boundary layer. * Momentum thickness (//θ//): A... x located in a point A generates at any point P a velocity potential:\\ <m>phi = - M / {4pi r^2} {partial r
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rectly proportional to the square of the upstream velocity and is not a function of the cavitation number. T... cavitation|Vaporous cavitation]].) ===== Critical velocity ===== (U<sub>I</sub>)[LT<sup>-1</sup>] In a flowi... bient pressure. In a turbulent flow, the critical velocity is also dependent on the velocity fluctuations associated with turbulence. Sometimes also called [[#incepti
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when operating in open water with uniform inflow velocity V<sub>A</sub>:\\ <m>eta_0 = P_T/P_D = TV_A/{2pi ... of the ship, //V//<sub>R</sub> the relative wind velocity (which see) and //ρ// the air density. ===== Res... t where practicable. ===== True wind direction or velocity ===== See: [[#wind_direction|wind direction]] or [[#velocity_true|velocity, true]]. ===== Wake ===== The wake
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]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#inception_velocity|inception velocity]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#incipient_cavitation|incipient cavitation]] - [[s... ion]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#induced_velocity_axial|induced velocity, axial]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#induced_velocity_radial|induced velocit
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, if assumed to be linear, is proportional to the velocity. ===== Force exciting ===== A fluctuating externa... lic motion, the circular frequency is the angular velocity. If //ω// is in radiant per second, then\\ <m>om... n heavy seas, as distinct from spray. ===== Group velocity ===== The average rate of advance of the energy o... umed to be linear, is proportional to the angular velocity. ===== Moment, destabilising ===== A moment assoc
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iable pitch]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#velocity_induced|velocity, induced]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#ventilated_propeller|ventilated propeller]]... ISTANCE ====== [[structured_dictionary:resistance#velocity_potential|velocity potential]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#velocity_potential#viscosity_coefficie
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red_dictionary:performance#true_wind_direction_or_velocity|true wind direction or velocity]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propeller#tangential_induced_velocity|tangential induced velocity]] - [[structured_dictionary:propeller#taylors_advance_coefficient|Taylor’s adva
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ance]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#wind_velocity_relative|wind velocity, relative]] - [[structured_dictionary:performance#wind_velocity_true|wind velocity, true]] ====== PROPELLER ====== [[structured_dictionary:propeller#warp]] - [[structured_
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tion into the principal plane of sym-metry of the velocity of the origin of the body axes relative to the fl... luid. Rotary derivatives are derived from angular velocity of the body and acceleration derivatives are from
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e]] - [[structured_dictionary:cavitation#critical_velocity|critical velocity]] ====== GENERAL ====== [[structured_dictionary:general#control]] - [[structured_dictiona
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ater]] - [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#group_velocity|group velocity]] - [[structured_dictionary:seakeeping#gyradius]] ====== SHIPGEOMETRY ====== [[structured_d
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- [[structured_dictionary:propeller#axial_induced_velocity|axial induced velocity]] - ====== RESISTANCE ====== [[structured_dictionary:resistance#angle_of_diverging
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ured_dictionary:resistance#potential_funtction_or_velocity_potential|potential function or Velocity potential]] - [[structured_dictionary:resistance#pressure_dynamic|
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