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 +====== Structured Dictionary ======
 +This Dictionary is intended for a broad readership including practising naval architects who wish to acquire and apply knowledge of hydrodynamics and also physicists and theoretical hydrodynamicists who wish to apply their particular knowledge to the solution of ship problems. Engineering,​ physical and nautical terms in common use have not been included when did not require special definition in the context of ship hydrodynamics or when their meanings were self evident. The work is arranged in the following sections prefaced with a brief reference to the nature if their content:
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​general|General]]
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​shipgeometry|Ship Geometry]]
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​resistance|Resistance]]
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​propeller|Propeller (including propeller geometry)]]
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​cavitation|Cavitation]]
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​seakeeping|Seakeeping]] ​
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​manoeuvrability|Manoeuvrability]] ​
 +  - [[structured_dictionary:​performance|Performance (in the context of speed and power)]]\\ ​
 +The order of entry for each item is: title, symbol, dimensions, followed by the definition. In each section the titles are arranged in alphabetical order. In this way, having found the item required, perusal of the section will indicate other related items which may be of interest. ​ The symbols given are in accordance with those in the latest ITTC list which is complementary document.\\ In a number of instances, the list give alternative symbols and these are generally included except where a definite preference is indicated. ​  
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