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to do list

In this section you can find a list about what to be done, to complete, develop and/or correct items reported under the note below


and whatever indicated by users on ITTCwiki pages.

Contribute yourself, find your own and report on this page, including link to section/item. Remember to sign a “note” in item too.

Thanks in advance.

descrtiption section item
course stability doesn't exist in manual manoeuvrability stability, straight line
specific a Taylor and Froude links performance efficiency hull
not exist in manual performance efficiency mechanical
select ref. performance factor ship model correlation
check ref. performance fraction thrust deduction
check ref. performance towing force for model...
check link propeller efficiency mechanical
check link propeller efficiency propulsive
symbol not present in math module resistance boundary layer thickness double issue
missing midship symbol shipgeometry perpendicluars
missing links shipgeometry metacentre transversal and longitudinal
bad resolution figure 31 propellerpropeller radius
…. …..
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